See clearly
with Moonsight

Moonsight provides Insights and Analytics from blockchain data, to help you better understand individuals, communities and markets on-chain.

What will you do with your crystal ball?

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Track the market and understand communities

Moonsight combines big (blockchain) data with robust analytics and insights to help you track the market and understand communities

Explore the market

See trending projects

Analyze collections

View holder insights

Examine mutual holders

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For Traders

Explore markets intelligently

Track top perfomers

Custom alerts

Advanced charting and visibility

Wallet and portfolio insights

Share your discoveries

For Projects

Grow your community

Identify potential collabs

Understand top holders

Measure community engagement

Find wallets that fit your customer profile

For Enterprises

Manage Customer Relationships on-chain

Benchmark performance

Find At risk holders

Track and attribute participants

Data exports and integrations

Projects comparison tool